Current Projects

william dawes house

Williams-Dawes House

Long Term Restoration and Interpretation Project

The Williams-Dawes House is the latest county historic property acquisition, located directly across from the Brentsville Courthouse Park complex that was completed in 2022. This project will allow the Foundation to restore the building back to its period of historical significance as the next step after the emergency stabilization work is complete. The funding will supplement the existing County project for stabilization work for the Williams-Dawes House (also known as White House) in Brentsville, VA. County Resolution 22-168 authorized the purchase of the Williams-Dawes house and budgeted and appropriated $350,000 for the stabilization repairs and restoration design work.

Prince William County

Revolutionary War Memorial Project

This project aims to construct a memorial to Prince William County residents that fought or lived during the American Revolutionary period regardless of gender, race, free, enslaved or economic status. The memorial will provide a lasting tribute and will include interpretive panels to expand on the stories of Prince William County during the American Revolution.
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